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Phil · of · the · Future · Fictionalists

Phil of the Future: The Movie

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author's note: This is really more of an example than anything. The Fan fiction I'm about to direct you to is completed. I finished writing it about a month ago now.
Title: Phil of the Future: The Movie
Plot: When Phil's family is kidnaped by the Evil Doctor Xenolythia and brought back to the future, Phil is accidentally left behind. Now he has to fix the time machine and evade Xenolythia's minions all while dealing with the new found trauma of young love.
Characters: Phil and Keely
Format: Script
Rating: PG
Status: Completed.
Link: Table of Contents
Hopefully this gives you something of an idea of how to post a Fan Fiction Announcement. Comment with any questions.
ps: even though this is sort of an example entry, that is a real fan fiction that i really wrote. The link will take you to it. :)
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