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Phil of the Future Fictionalists

Where writers and readers of fan fiction meet

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This is a community for Phil of the Future Fan Fiction writers and readers. Membership is currently open, so all you have to do to join is click the link above.


Posting falls into four categories, and if your post does not fit into one of the four it will be deleted.

1. Fan Fiction Announcements:

Fan fiction announcements are, just what their name suggests. In an FFA an author announces a new fiction they've started. It should state the following information for reader's convenience:

Title: Duh
Plot: This is optional. Plot explanations should be short... 50 words at the most.
Characters: Don't worry about naming off all of the characters in the story, just name the main ones. If it's a Pheely fic, just say "Phil and Keely." If it a Pim centered story say, "Pim." If it doesn't center around specific characters just write "ensemble."
Format: Script or Prose.
Rating: From G to NC-17. Make sure you rate them appropriately. If you have a question on where your story falls, PLEASE NOTIFY ME. I will help you.
status: Write how many chapters are written, whether or not it's finished, whether or not you're currently working on it, what ever's relevant. This field should be regularly updated. You can change it by going into the entry and then clicking the little blue button of a pencil at the top.
Link: DUH! If you don't provide a link no one will be able to find it.

You may also include an author's note, but that's at your discretion.

Also, you may add a graphic if it is under 450 pixels wide an 600 pixels tall. If you have a graphic that is bigger, either resize it, or put it under an LJ cut.

2. Fan Fiction Updates:

Once you've gotten into the fan fiction, you want your readers to be able to find out quickly and easily when you've added a new chapter. These Updates should include the following:

Story Title: Duh.
Chapter/Scene Name/Number: Double Duh.
Chapter/Scene Rating: Optional.
Chapter/Scene Description: Optional.
Story Link: A link to the story, either to the story tag, or to the table of contents. I recommend creating tables of contents, just because they make reading very user-friendly.
Chapter/Scene Link: A link to the chapter you're announcing.

You may also add an Author's note here, but again optional.

3. Topic for discussion:

This is much more freeform. Discussion topics can range everywhere from discussion of new Phil Episodes, to possible plot points, to writer's/reader's thoughts, annoyances, or goodnews. Try to stay on topic. Your posts should be about either writing, writing Phil, or Phil. This isn't a Ricky Ullman forum, or a Disney Channel fan page. Keep it about the fiction, guys.

4. Requests or Challenges:

REQUESTS: This is a place for readers (or writers) to make suggestions to the forum at large. If you have an idea but don't have the time or ability to write it, post it as a Request and someone might take it up. Don't get pissed off or whiney if no one does take it. Lots of time and effort and love goes into writing a fan fiction. Please be kind. A request should include the following:

Plot: A short, 100 word max., description of the idea.
Length: This is a ball park kind of thing. As in, do you want this to be episode length, movie length, or just a short fiction?

You can include other things as well (within reason) but the above are required. Please don't request an author, and don't guilt trip people about not doing it. You may suggest a name, but don't require that the writer sticks to it. This'll stifle creativity.

CHALLENGES: A Challenge is a little different than a request. A challenge is basically coming up with something cool, funny or bizarre, and posting it to the community, either naming an individual you'd like to see do it, or leaving it open. The difference between a request and a challenge is that a challenge is something seen as openly difficult to accomplish. Plots like, Pim falling in love with Curtis, or Barb getting a sex change, would be considered challenges. They generally won't be serious fan fictions, just a quick "let me see if I can." Challenge posts should include:

Title: Since the point of a challenge is to be challenging you may require a specific title, but you don't have to.
Plot: Try to say it in ONE SENTANCE. Two tops. Both the Challenger and the Challengee are being challenged this way. You are forced to get exactly what you want it to be written out making sure you've left no loopholes and then the writer will spend as long as they can trying to find ways of twisting your words.
Length: As a general rule Challenges should be short. Short can be as little as 100 words or as long as 5 pages. The Challenger must pick a range, either a very specific one (you'll come to find how hard it is to get everything out in 100 words), or if he/she is less of a masochist they can make it rough.
Rating: That's right, you get to pick the rating too.
Author(s): In a Challenge you may request a specific writer/writers. It wouldn't be challenging if there was no pressure to actually do it. Inversly, the challenger can leave it open to the whole community.
Timeframe: The amount of time the writer is given to complete the challenge. You can give them a month, a week, a day, an hour... any timeframe you like, but since not everyone is on at the same times, if you give the writer an hour to do it, their time begins the minute they accept the challenge.

The whole point of challenges is to be challenging. They should be fun and should make us stretch as writers. BUT please don't make your challenges impossibly difficult just because it's allowed. Cut us a little slack, we're humans too, and we have lives. Also, if someone doesn't accept a challenge, don't get bent out of shape about it. They might be too busy to deal with it at the time, or they might just not feel up to it. Challenges are meant to be fun, not another headache to deal with.

CHALLENGE REPLIES: If you've accepted a challenge you can do one of two things: You can post the completed writing to the community, or you can post it in your own journal, putting a link to it on the community page. If your completed challenge is longer than 300 words please put it under an lj-cut. We don't want entier fictions clogging up the main page.

There is a fifth acceptable type of post, which is a Public Service Announcement. These are only to be made by me, dontbefrank, unless you have permission from me to post one. To get permission e-mail or IM.


Keep it PG or put it under a cut

The big rule for posting is that you keep profanity and innuendo OUT. Phil of the Future is a Disney Channel show, so many of the fans will be young. If you want to curse, that's fine, just put it under an lj-cut with a warning. We don't want anyone reading anything they don't want to see.

So, if you're posting a Challenge or Request with innapropriate material in the storyline, put it under a cut and at the top of the entry write in bold letters "Warning: contains inappropriate material," or somesuch like that.

The same goes if you're posting a topic of discussion that might be considered offencive.

Don't discourage writers.

The other real rule that I have is less concerning posting to the actual community, and more conserning posting comments on fictions. Be kind. Don't tell someone their story sucks UNLESS your intentions are to help them progress as a writer. Any and All negative comments should be constructive not destructive. Please don't ever just write "I didn't like it," or "everyone's writing this storyline," or "you should leave fan fiction writing to people who are actually good at it." If you actually have something intelligent to say to one of the authors, please do so, but do it in a gentle, caring manner.

This is a VERY big deal to me, and if I see you doing this, whether or not you're consiously aware you're doing it, I will call you out on it.